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A high number of different variations and configurations of elevators:

  • the elevator box is made in galvanized; black and stainless

  • the shoe is made with an elastic-helical tension and a rack-and-pinion

  • the main units in both conventional and reinforced versions  with service platform and ladder

  • High ergonomics and maintainability:  

  • fully prefabricated

  • minimum specific metal consumption

  • use of modern collapsible bearing units

  • collapsible drive drum on clamping bushings

  • dust-proof design of the conveyor box

​Improved conveyor reliability:

  • drives with increased service factor of European and American production

  • reinforced Swedish bearing units; German; Japanese and American made

  • use of wear-resistant materials Hardox 450; UHMW-PE 1000 etc. in fast-wearing sections of the conveyor

  • high strength elevator belts from American, European and other manufacturers

  • anti-corrosion treatment of metal with powder coating

Features of the NK series bucket elevator
from company Elevator Systems
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